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Estate & Trust Services

Creating a path for your wealth to follow to benefit future generations to come.

Estate & Trust Services

Creating a path for your wealth to follow to benefit future generations to come is your desirable wealth plan. Whether you desire your legacy to be left to one of your favorite charities, your heirs or a combination of the two you and your KML Investments Limited team will establish a blueprint together that will meet your wishes while at the same time generating the maximum possible wealth transfer.

A well-planned estate procedure is capable of delivering on your wishes after death, ensuring that all tax and related costs are kept to a minimum enabling as much of your wealth as possible to be passed onto your chosen recipients.

Your personal advisor will understand your specific wishes and requirements enabling him to confer with the trusted expert with total confidence knowing he knows what matters to you and what best fits your requirements.

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Your personal advisor will discuss with you certain questions like the ones below to fully ascertain where you currently are and where you need to be:

  • Have you written a will or do you have a trust in place at present?
  • Do you have any potential creditor’s protection strategies?
  • How do your wish your assets to be distributed within your bloodline?
  • Have you arranged any medical directives and/or power of attorney?
  • Do you have one or more favorite charities that you wish to leave a financial donation to?
  • Do you have a clear vision on how you plan to wish your wealth to be easily transferred from one generation to another?

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