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Committed to Solutions , Strategies and Philosophy.

We at KML are proud to announce our new website platform. The public can now browse, request a call and gain information on the services we other. So far 2017 has been an successful year for KML investments. We look forward to an even more successful 2017 as we plan to reach out to the online investment market. We provide success on a daily basis using our tried and tested solutions , strategies and philosophies.

Wealth Management Solutions

KML Investment Limited services range from advisory financial management too estate and retirement planning. The dominant driving force behind KML Investment Limited's capabilities and successes is our People. The firm has a proven track record and continues to produce results in vibrant investment management that has made us the natural choice for the investment and capital-protection goals of so many wealthy investors.

Diligent Investment Strategies

Dependable research and commitment to detail is the foundation upon which each investment plan is created that eschews the unwanted inclination of many to produce an "easy-way-out". Due diligence is carried out by our in-house team of skilled professional-analysts on each and every equity, commodity, exchange-traded fund, and corporate bond we invest in or recommend to each of our clients. Following this process of research, analysis, identification and thereafter establishing our investment strategies and objectives is an extremely important factor for all our clients.

We consider both local / global forces with microeconomic / macroeconomic analysis and application when designing each of our client's portfolios. Our skilled team takes into consideration the potential effect of volatile markets and also factors that our competitors in the industry may well fail to take cognizance of. It is exactly this process and method of application that has ensured KML Investment Limited enduring position as one of the key autonomous investment management companies in Asia.

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Investment Philosophy:

The ever growing complexities in the financial markets mean that the smallest of mistakes can have dire consequences. Our fundamental stock investment strategy remains unchanged from KML Investment Limited's conception and has formed the foundation of our business culture and strategy.

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