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Strategic Investments - KML Ceo Kevin Cheung

KML holds strong partnerships with local suppliers for technology metals and rare earths that ensures appropriate storage and logistics of these products. Over many years, we have been building up competence and experience on international raw-material markets, thus being able to establish ourselves as a powerful partner to the industry.

An investment in strategic metals and rare earths becomes increasingly interesting for private investors, especially in times of uncertainty in the international financial markets. The fields of application for strategic metals are rapidly evolving and the worldwide demand for these raw materials is steadily growing. Therefore, the industry is faced with an increasing risk of supply shortages.

Moreover, one can remain independent of banks and financial markets in comparison with an investment in gold or silver. For this reason, we decided to expand our business in the sector of private investors, allowing our customers to invest in products that have a promising future.

KML investments has a well-developed network of partners. If you would like to invest in this investment class, we will take care of your needs. Starting with a brief introduction into the world of strategic metals and rare earths.

Strategic raw materials are becoming more important for key technologies — from wind power to electrical industry to LED lighting technology, solar industry and to aerospace technology: without technology metals and rare earths, the development of high-tech products would be unimaginable.

If you buy rare earths, rare metals or technology metals, you will purchase raw materials that are essential for key technologies. The relevance of these limited resources in our technological world and with a constantly high innovation pressure is bound to increase. Hence, investments are not only a contribution towards Western Europe as a highly technical industrial base, but also a crisis-resistant financial investment with a prospect of good returns, unaffected by currency fluctuations and bank crisis.

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