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Research & Analysis - Harnessing the powers of Graphene

Does this Miracle substance have the power to revolutionize entire industries and improve the world?

People say it's going to be huge, but investors say what is it and how can we profit from it?

The answer to the first question is a bit easier than the second, because when two professors at the University of Manchester in Great Britain first discovered it and won a Nobel prize for it. So that means no publicly traded company is going to have a lock on it, but that's not stopping them from patenting how its being used. Everyone from IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Samsung to Nokia (NYSE:NOK) and Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) are rushing to tap its incredible properties.

Revolutionize entire industries?

So what exactly is graphene?

It's a carbon-based substance and as such gives diamonds a run for the money as being the hardest substance known to man. (It's actually harder.) Yet it's lighter than down fluff, it can conduct electricity better than copper, and even at a thickness of just one atom it can serve as the lattice for powering chips while being both flexible and transparent. Graphene is being hailed as a miracle substance.

Already scientists are imagining the possibilities of what can be done with the material: Charge your cell phone in 30 seconds, or, better yet, fully recharge your electric car's batteries in an hour.

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It doesn't harm the environment

For example - A battery stores a lot of energy, but it charges and discharges slowly. A camera's flash bulb, on the other hand, doesn't have much storage, but it charges and discharges very quickly. Graphene combines those two features into a sort of supercapacitor that has lots of energy storage and charges and discharges very fast. Yet because it's carbon-based, it doesn't harm the environment.

Improve the world

IBM was the first to use the material to create graphene-based integrated circuits back in 2011, having created the year before a graphene processor that could execute 100 billion cycles per second (100GHz). Intel and Samsung are now looking into graphene-based processors, while Nokia is part of a consortium of 74 companies that received a grant of $1.35 billion from the European Union to figure out how to use graphene to "improve the world."


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