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The Coming “Graphene age” : Our Investment Perspective

Does Graphene hold the key to the future of almost all materials ?, scientists and the ever growing tech community seem to think so . So revolutionary are Graphenes qualities that they even talk of the “graphene age”. The most common reaction of our investors is that it is “too good to be true”, but beware of cynicism that may blind you to the opportunities that will arise in the coming age. Its disruptive qualities are one consideration, but investors want to know what the path to commercialisation looks like, and how they are going to make money out of this new material..

Initially it is all about strength and flexibility, and enhancing the materials to which it is added. Improved performance will lead to generational changes and new opportunities as there industry starts to appreciate what is possible and consumers demand their insatiable expectations for more, better, faster etc. On a higher level, the order of magnitude increase in conductivity that graphene promises will lead to continual advancements that will impact information transportation and communications, power storage, solar energy capture and many other applications that will be developed.

As graphene technologies are only just starting to leave the laboratory. Supply has been the constraining factor, but not the cost. The advantages will clearly lie with those who grow with the sector.

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